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Atti’s Update from Ethiopia

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Dear Seeds Family,

Last month I returned to Ethiopia to see our programs in action. I visited our school, engaged with our students and met with her. We all have a her in our lives, she’s a mother, an aunt, a grandmother, women who sacrifice themselves so that we can have the best and be the best!


Through our Sowing Community Program, we are helping the her in our students’ lives create businesses to support their families.

With the start of a hair salon, a convenience store or a restaurant, among a number of other businesses, these women are building a brighter future for themselves and their children.
Listening to many of these women, some younger than myself, I was amazed by their will to push past every adversity, to not let their past struggles determine their own and their children’s futures.


These mothers, aunties and grandmothers will do whatever it takes to ensure that their children receive the education they didn’t, and are willing to work twice as hard to make it happen, but they need a little help!

Today, I invite you to invest in her through our #BelieveInHer campaign, your investment will help more than 100 women in our program receive financial literacy training and access to seed loans to start their businesses.

– Atti Worku
Founder & Executive Director


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