||Meet our host of Chefs & Seeds

Meet our host of Chefs & Seeds

Meet husband and wife duo, Devin Benton and Stephanie Bond.

Devin & Stephanie first met Atti Worku, Seeds of Africa founder, several years ago and were immediately struck by her vision and passion for the children in her home country of Ethiopia. They were moved by the goal of “sowing” communities by offering a “hand up” to poverty-stricken families and planting the “seeds” of change by providing educational opportunities to the children most in need.

Over time their commitment to Seeds of Africa compelled them to visit the foundation in Ethiopia earlier this year. Witnessing children excelling through the efforts of a committed staff and innovative curriculum reaffirmed how education leads to opportunity. In addition, they saw how families were being lifted up through micro loans, adult literacy and health education programs to overcome painstaking social challenges. What they saw and experienced energized them to redouble their efforts with Seeds of Africa due to both the tremendous success of the current programs as well as the need to offer these critical services to more families in Ethiopia.

Devin & Stephanie decided to host the Dallas “Chefs and Seeds” event in order to educate more people in the Dallas community about Adama, Ethiopia. In that region, there are no government aid programs, no welfare safety nets and sub-standard education that are at the core of multi-generational poverty. They hope to also share their learnings that organizations like Seeds of Africa are providing never-before-offered opportunities to communities previously overlooked or ignored. Devin and Stephanie will help kick-off the newly established School Lunch Program campaign in hopes to raise $30,000. Those funds will be 100% dedicated to providing a healthy brain-boosting lunch to the students which can make all the difference in ensuring proper brain development for children.

Through the tremendous support of Chef Eric Dryer and the staff at Fearing’s restaurant, we are thrilled to invite you to an intimate “Texas-meets-Ethiopia” dinner on Thursday, October 26th. Please purchase tickets below, and join us for a night of discovering and giving.