||We’re Going to Camp!

We’re Going to Camp!

The glee of slathering on sunscreen and spending the day playing sports under the summer sun was immeasurable. Some of the tightest bonds and biggest lessons are learned at camp, and our program at Seeds this summer is no different! Join us in creating those same lifelong memories for 200 students at Seeds of Africa.

Your Contributions

If you can afford a cup of coffee, (or buna), you can afford this contribution!
What would summer camp be without snacks? Help keep our students satiated with this affordable contribution.
Would you rather purchase a product than make a monetary contribution? You can thanks to our Amazon Wishlist!

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Our last week of the Seeds Summer Camp is all about sports, and we want to give away some prizes to our winning students. We can’t do it without you!
It’s not everyday a teacher comes for summer schooling with bells on. From meaningless electronics, to a pair of sneakers, the cost of these frivolous expenditures could pay one of their salaries for the ENTIRE summer.
Our itineraries are jam-packed, and we need our students on their A-game. That means we need to make sure they’re all well-fed. You can feed our student body for nearly $1 per-student.

The Ultimate Wishlist

In addition to raising funds for our daily programming, we’ve also compiled an Amazon wishlist full of supplies that we need for our Summer Program. From paint brushes to puzzles, you can also help our efforts by ordering some of these products today. Check out our list below!

Summer of Fun

Each week of our Summer Program has a specific theme and will be hosted by experts in the field. Our hope is to expose our students to a variety of educational activities that can inspire potential career paths.

We kick things off with our Science Week where students will partake in experimental projects like making launchable rockets.

Our Arts Week is to follow, and will be hosted by Leikun Nahusenay, an Addis Fine Arts member artist. He will teach our students how to paint, sketch and sculpt their very own works of art!

Our third week doubles down on ethics and culture. We’ll focus part of the time on civics, aiming to educate our students about Ethiopian government and important social justice themes. The Ethics unit encourages students to dive deep into what it means to be a member of the Seeds community.

We close out the summer with a week of sports and games that comes to a head with a giant tournament!

But it doesn’t stop with the kids! Our board members, New York and Ethiopian staff joined forces last year for four weeks of fully immersive bonding and strategizing, and we’re heading back for more. This fruitful trip helps us lay the ground work for future projects and outline our goals as a team.

2018 Throw Back

Our Summer Program in 2018 was also chock full of games, learning and fun. From mural painting, to cooking, to a special visit from Sista Soccer, check out what we did last summer! Read the article here >>