||Seeds Summer Program

Seeds Summer Program

We can’t believe that our Summer Program is right around the corner yet again! It seems as though we blinked and suddenly May arrived. As we gear up for another incredible summer full of science, art and sports residencies, we want to take a moment and reflect on the amazing happenings in 2018. Are you interested in helping us ensure the summer of 2019 is our most exciting yet? Get involved with our efforts here.

Week 1: Food & Science

Our students prepping carrots during our Food & Science week.

Our Seeds Students and Community Development Head Emebet rolling up some burgers for the grill. 

Our Science Club students showing off the fan they made out of found objects.

We kicked off our summer program last year with a week full of food and science. Our science club spent the week making inventions out of found objects. One group created a working fan out of old CD’s, another replicated an iPhone. We ended our first week with our annual cookout, and our students helped us prepare an authentic American meal of BBQ’d burgers and fries. Check out all of the awesome inventions our Science Club made during our Summer Program in this video.

Week 2: Art

Seeds of Africa students showing off their pearly whites in front of their molar mural.

Another work of art painted on the Seeds campus. This mural illustrates the digestive system, which the students learned about during science week.

Our art week incorporated some of the subjects we covered during the first week of our Summer Program. Our students paint murals on our campus of diagrams that they learned about during our Science week. Paintings of the human body came to life on our campus thanks to some of our most artistic students.

Week 3: Ethics

Our students were proud to show off the Seeds of Africa code of conduct in their drama performance on the last day of Summer Program.

Our ethics week focused on our student guide, and hammered home what it means to be a Seeds of Africa student. Loyalty, responsibility and honesty are just a few of the subjects we covered during our lessons. We finished the week by breaking our students into groups, and having them create a lesson based on one of the ethics codes we highlighted. It was then their job to teach their fellow classmates about what that word means to them.

Week 4: Drama & Sports

A member of our Soccer Team gearing up for our final tournament.

Our Drama Club students performing some traditional Ethiopian dance.

Who says tournaments are only for sports? Our Seeds students tackling a puzzle in our games tournament.

SistaSoccer handing out all of their awesome gear to our soccer team.

We closed our our Summer program with some serious fun and games. First up, our Drama Club performed a series of theater and dance for the rest of our school. We then partnered with SistaSoccer, who brought our soccer team some serious gear. For our last day of our Summer Program, we had a giant tournament with a variety of games and a big soccer match.