||Seeds of Africa School Lunch Program

Seeds of Africa School Lunch Program


For students, the quality of school lunch impacts everything from behavior to academic performance. Many of the students we serve live at, or below, the poverty line and don’t have access to a consistent and dependable food supply. This makes them more susceptible to physical and mental underdevelopment. In fact, 2 out of every 5 children in Ethiopia suffer from stunted growth as a result of malnutrition. In an attempt to alleviate the stressors from the families we serve, our goal is to transition from our current snack program to a full lunch program in order to combat malnutrition and prevent students from dropping out of school due to hunger

A healthy brain-boosting lunch can make all the difference in ensuring proper brain development, leading to academic success and physical health. Our current snack program provides students with 5 snacks per week at a cost of $5 a month per student. As we transition from a snack to a full lunch program, we aim to provide high quality, nutritious food to support our students’ overall success in and out of the classroom.

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