||Meet the Founder of the Seeds of Africa Club!

Meet the Founder of the Seeds of Africa Club!


After traveling to Ethiopia in 2017, teacher George Herbert was inspired to bring a bit of Seeds back to the U.S., and more specifically, the school where he teaches. Upon his return he created the very first Seeds of Africa high school club! They’ve already raised over $1000 for our students. We sat down with Herbert to learn more about his trip, his club, and how Seeds has inspired his work here in the U.S.A.

Q: Tell us a bit about your trip to Ethiopia. What types of activities did you do while you were there?

A: My trip to Ethiopia last summer was life changing. It was amazing to experience all that Ethiopia has to offer. I will never forget the culture, the food, the dancing, the history, the scenery, and most of all the people. By far the best part was visiting the Seeds of Africa school. From teaching the children English to playing games with them, I am so thankful that Seeds is offering these children the opportunity to get a quality education.

Q:  What was the most inspiring moment of your trip?

A: The most inspiring moment of my trip was realizing how much the students want to learn and love Seeds of Africa. Most students can’t wait to have a break from school in the summer, but the students of Seeds of Africa were so excited to come to the summer program and it is a testament to how important Seeds of Africa is and the positive impact it is having on them.

Q: What is something you learned about Ethiopia that you don’t think the rest of the world might know unless one has traveled there?

A: The scenery of Ethiopia varies greatly. I think the media gives people a certain view of what the landscape of Ethiopia is, but I was amazed by how much it varied. From cities to beautiful lakes to the dense eucalyptus forests to the rural areas to the historical and religious buildings, I was blown away by the beauty of Ethiopia.

Q: As a teacher, what did you think of the course work at Seeds and has it inspired any of your activities at school?

A: I was very impressed by the teachers and staff of Seeds of Africa. The students were greatly benefiting from the hard work and dedication of the faculty. More than anything, I was inspired by how much the staff cares about the children and the positive impact that was having on their lives. The students were excited to see their teachers and it inspired me to bring my whole heart into teaching.

Q: What was your inspiration for creating the Seeds of Africa Club?

A: The children, both at Seeds and Freehold Township High School, were my inspiration for starting the Seeds of Africa Club. I was touched that the children of Seeds truly want to learn and it made me want to give them every opportunity to be successful. I am blessed to teach such caring and thoughtful students at Freehold Township. They were so excited to help Seeds of Africa after hearing about my trip. They wrote the proposal for the club and have been instrumental in making the club a success.

Q: How many students are in the club?

A: There are about 50 members in the club, but countless more students, teachers, family, and friends have supported the club.

Q: What is the club’s goal, and in what ways are you working to achieve it?

A: The club’s goal is to raise awareness, support, and money for Seeds of Africa. It is our hope to give the children of Seeds of Africa the greatest opportunity to succeed.

Q:What types of activities do you do?
A: The club is very new, but we have meetings to brainstorm fundraising ideas and plan future events. We’ve raised over $1,300 through the sponsorship fundraiser and we are in the process of coming up with events like a volleyball tournament to raise money.

Q: Tell us more about the amazing video! Who made it, and are you going to use it to promote the club?

A: I made the video from some of the pictures and videos from my trip to Seeds of Africa this past summer. We sent out the video through email, twitter, and facebook in hopes of sponsoring more children and letting more people know about the amazing things that are happening at Seeds of Africa.

Q: If you could send any message home to the Seeds students, what would it be?

A: I love this question, because I miss the kids so much: I hope all of you are having an amazing school year! I miss everyone so much and I hope to visit you again very soon. Work hard and care for each other and you will be on your way to a very bright future. I can’t wait to see you achieve all of your goals and dreams. All of my students in the United States are very excited that you love going to Seeds and they wish you the best of luck!