||Girl Power

Girl Power

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As our school semester concluded, we noticed one significant trend within our student’s achievement: 60% of our top performing students at Seeds of Africa were female. Currently, 60% of our student body are female as well. It is a key goal of ours to make sure that our female students are rewarded the same opportunity as the males.

In fact, we work with our Seeds families to ensure that their daughters are granted equal opportunities as their sons. This includes creating awareness so that the families will assign household work and chores to both to their male and female children. This allows everyone an equal amount of time to study and get their school work finished at home.

We aren’t the only ones to pick up on the importance of this trend. In our drama club, female students put on a play about this very theme. During the production, the students expressed their opinions on this cultural trend, remarking that they believe it’s unfair for girls to be overworked at home when they need to be focusing on school work. We encourage them to speak up in our classrooms to make sure their voices are heard.

Join us in encouraging our female students to pursue their dreams by donating to our Back to School campaign here. A little donation goes a long way.  #GirlPower