||The Trip of a Lifetime: Ethiopian Galleries & Museums

The Trip of a Lifetime: Ethiopian Galleries & Museums

Atti Worku and Amy Vanderoef recently traveled to Ethiopia compliments of Ethiopian Airlines. During their trip, they visited some of the best art galleries and museums that Ethiopia has to offer. Check them out below!


Addis Fine Art

Addis Fine Art is a gallery specialising in contemporary African Art, with particular focus on art from Ethiopia and its diaspora. In January 2016, Addis Fine Art opened its main gallery space in the heart of Addis Ababa, Ethiopia launching an innovative programme of exhibitions, talks and events, showing a diverse set of modern and contemporary artists. This is certainly a space you don’t want to miss during your visit!

Makush Gallery

In addition to eye-catching vibrant art, Makush Gallery sets itself apart from other art institutes in Addis Ababa thanks to it’s incredible Italian restaurant. Spend hours getting lost in the paintings from up-and-coming artists, then unwind with a glass of wine and a big plate of pasta. Add this pit stop to your bucket list!

Mount Entoto Museum

Mount Entoto is the highest peak in the Entoto mountains and offers the best view of Addis Ababa. Visit this historical landmark and museum to see where Emperor Menelik II built his palace, and the colorful Maryam Church!