||Amy Vanderoef on Seeds of Africa

Amy Vanderoef on Seeds of Africa

Seeds founder Atti Worku and Emmy Award-winning T.V. personality Amy Vanderoef recently traveled to Ethiopia compliments of Ethiopian Airlines. In addition to soaking up Ethiopian arts, fashion and food, the two also visited the Seeds of Africa campus where they sat in on several classes and met our Seeds students. Amy Vanderoef wrote the following testimonial about her experience at Seeds.

I used to think Philanthropy was a game only for the rich and famous. Atti Worku is living proof it is not. There is need all around us. Atti saw a need and reacted in such a bold, tireless way.
Experiencing Seeds of Africa by physically going to the school was life changing. As a single mom, my struggles are different, but as a mom our hearts desire is the same. We want what’s best for our precious babies. Seeds not only provides resources for the students and families, they also provide solutions to help end poverty.
I pray that by lending my voice to this cause, I can help provide the necessary funding we need for these beautiful Seeds to continue their growth!