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I am a Seed. You are a Seed. Together, We are Seeds of Africa.

I AM A SEED is a program that allows everyone to be involved in Seeds of Africa and build intentional relationships with our students in Ethiopia.

By becoming a “SEED” you give $10 per month that provides quality education and opportunity for “SEEDS” in Ethiopia. This program allows individuals and groups of all ages to join in together – breaking down cultural barriers and developing world-changing relationships. By donating on a monthly basis, you are helping us offset our overall education costs which is $500/student/year.

We specifically do not refer to this as a sponsor program because we want it to be viewed through the lens of individuals coming together to learn from each other and offset the costs as a whole rather than giving to specific children. It is also a  program for our students — they will elect students to represent the entire school as part of this program – providing ways to ensure the students understand the program as a way of equality and education of different cultures rather than feeling as if they are “sponsored.”

To become a SEED:
You, your class, company, civic group donates $10/mo or $120/year for students in Ethiopia. If you donate or raise more that’s amazing!
The program includes you writing letters to the students and we will send you educational facts about Ethiopia. In addition our student representatives will email you stories, pictures and videos so you can directly understand how your donation is impacting their lives.)
(If you want to gift or donate in honor of someone and allow them to be a SEED, we are happy to do that!)

(If you are donating on behalf of someone else, simply email us at info@seedsofafrica.org – Subject link: I AM A SEED and share with us their first & last name and email address.


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Our vision is to create a self-sustaining model for education and community development.

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