The Bristol-Myers Squibb Foundation

Seeds of Africa was awarded a Renewal Grant to Innovative Education and Health Programs in Ethiopia.


The Bristol-Myers Squibb Foundation (BMSF), a leader in the global movement to reduce health disparities, awarded a renewal grant of $15,000 to Seeds of Africa in July 2015, February 2014 and 2013. With the philosophy that empowerment and good health stem from quality education, Seeds of Africa recognizes students’ individual talents and cultivates critical thinking and leadership skills. Take-Root Center educators design learning “experiences” or integrated projects that add to students’ hands-on knowledge in multiple subjects and foster self-reflection and active classroom participation—a unique approach in the landscape of Ethiopian educational opportunities. Through health workshops and projects for both students and their families, we emphasize positive health practices such as maintaining good hygiene (hand-washing and teeth-brushing) and emotional health, eating nutritious foods, and visiting the Take-Root Center nurse for routine screenings. “BMS continues to support us in our efforts to fight inequality and improve the quality of education and access to health services for our students and their families,” said Founder and Executive Director Atti Worku. “We are proud to partner with such a renowned organization committed to improving the health of communities around the world.”