||African Youth Excellence Honorary Award 2015

African Youth Excellence Honorary Award 2015

Atti Worku Awarded the 2015 African Youth Excellence Honorary Award

Seeds of Africa Founder and Executive Director, Atti Worku, was awarded The African Youth Excellence (AYE) Honorary award in 2015, an award which is given annually by the U.S. based research and youth advocacy organization, celebrating “the achievements of a dynamic young African leader in the Diaspora.” In her keynote address during the AYE award ceremony held in Worcester, Massachusetts on August 8th, Atti shared with the audience that her dream of building a school started years ago in her mom’s backyard. “My dream was so big that it scared me, but if I did not dream big, I wouldn’t be where I am today,” Atti said in her speech. “You are your own biggest asset, and people will help and support you when you show them what you are willing to do yourself. Take the first step. Do not fear failure because it is inevitable. Be open-minded because the world has more in store for you than what you can imagine. Finally, be kind to others — pay it forward — I know I wouldn’t be here today if several people did not take a chance on me.”