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Seeds Spring Dinner


Seeds of Africa’s first ever Spring Dinner brought together a small group of our biggest supporters Tuesday evening at Injera; a quaint, authentic, Ethiopian restaurant. Our Seeds community was able to experience first hand the rich culture of Ethiopia through flavorful, authentic food, and lively music in an intimate atmosphere. Dining on Ethiopian cuisine means eating with your hands, sharing your meal, and sometimes even practicing the tradition of “gursha”, feeding one another, as it is considered an honor and takes the intimacy of the shared meal one step further. Our supporters were then transported to our school in Adama via individual iPads which brought to life our programs through video. The video showed our founder and director, Atti Worku, with our students in Adama. Footage of the students and their families really showed not only what we do at Seeds, but why. We enjoyed the opportunity to bring our supporters closer to our mission and look forward to making our Spring Dinner an annual event!

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