||Our Fourth Annual Seeds Benefit

Our Fourth Annual Seeds Benefit

On Wednesday, November 15th, Seeds of Africa celebrated its Fourth Annual Benefit to raise awareness and support for the educational and community programs the organization provides in Ethiopia.

Our Sponsors

Thank you to our sponsors Bristol Myers Squibb, Open Society Foundation, Avenues, Changing Our World, Vias Imports LTD, Camden Town Brewery, Audre Rae Photography, Injera Restaurant, Massawa Restaurant, Lilly’s Bakery, ZirkovaOT, Brown Forman/Jack Daniels, Showroom 7, STI Signature Spirit Group LLC/Tambour.

Klaus Enrique, Atti Worku, Milton Speid


Sam Woolf, Pauline Ducruet, Ginta Lapina, Judith Heard, Aamito Lagum, Abelh Daniel, Alina Baikova

Jenna Hammerslag, Chealsea Simpson

Helen Fikre

John Damonti & Bristol-Myers Squibb

Kassahun Kebede, Atti Worku, Leila Straus

Co-Chaired by Seeds of Africa Founder Atti Worku and Sarah Simmons, the event at Chelsea’s Canoe Studios attracted 250+ attendees, including Maxwell Osborne, Pauline Ducruet, and Thomas Iovino.

Sarah Simmons & Atti Worku

Pauline Ducruet

Maxwell Osborne

Guests celebrated the night with music by DJ GabSoul and Derrick Tha Yellow R Kel, and West African-inspired palm liquor cocktails, Tambour Original, courtesy of STI Signature Spirits Group.

DJ GabSoul & Derrick Tha Yellow R Kel

Spirits from STI Signature Spirits Group & Vias Wine

Highlights also included performances by Ethiopian dancers and an art exhibit featuring photographs from Audre Rae, who documented the Seeds of Africa community in Ethiopia.

Traditional Ethiopian Dancers

Traditional Ethiopian Dancers

Audre Rae Photography

A very special thanks to Andy Clayman and Grace Jackson for putting together our killer video and our event planner Urban Art NYC.

Andy Clayman & Two Storytellers

Photos from our different event photographers can be accessed at the following links:

BFA Photos

Photos by Oluwaseye Olusa

Photos by Kingsley Gbadegesin