||New Yorkers for Seeds at Schomburg Center Dec 8, 2014

New Yorkers for Seeds at Schomburg Center Dec 8, 2014


New Yorkers for Seeds brought together over 250 of our most dedicated supporters in the New York Tri-State area for a soiree at Langston Hughes Lobby at The Schomburg Center. Located in the heart of Harlem, The historic Schomburg Center features high ceilings, exquisite art installations. In addition, the lobby features an elegant, glass-enclosed, atrium houses a terrazzo floor marked with song titles, texts, and literary signs paying ancestral tribute in the tradition of African ritual ground markings and overlooked a serene outdoor courtyard. The exhibition in celebration of the 40th Anniversary of Ntozake Shanges for colored girls, and a peace memorial in honor of Langston Hughes and Arturo A. Schomburg was open to our guests. We were excited to celebrate the Holiday Season with our New York Friends for an evening of memorable hors doeuvres, cocktails and entertainment from local and international musicians and DJs.