The Amazing Tizita


https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dMeZKIXtwzU&feature=youtu.be For our 2017 Annual Benefit, we shared this inspirational video about one of our star students named Tizita. She is an absolute rock star, and we shared her story so that our guests could better understand just how amazing our students are. This year, we have something extra-special planned for our Annual Benefit [...]

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So Much Progress In A Year


Board member Stephanie Bond and her husband Devin make a second visit to Adama. They were once again able to witness lives being changed throughout the Seeds of Africa (SoA) community. It was so heartwarming for them to see all the progress made since their last visit and so much credit goes to the Ethiopia-based [...]

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Seeds Summer Program


The fun never stops at Seeds of Africa! Throughout the month of July, our Seeds students returned to campus for a jam-packed summer program. Here's what we did each week. Week 1: Food & Science Our students prepping carrots during our Food & Science week. Our Seeds Students and Community Development Head [...]

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July 2018 Trip Testimonials


Throughout the month of July and August, Seeds of Africa Board Members, Board Advisors and staff members flew to Ethiopia and visited our programs. It was the experience of a lifetime for the Seeds family. Here's what some of them had to say about their trip. If you are interested in visiting our campus next [...]

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