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Yosef Abdea

Meet Yosef Abdea. This mighty kindergartener is four years old. He’s fierce like a lion, his favorite animal.

His mother, Yemata Shiferaw bakes and sells injera. Injera is the spongy, delicious flatbread that is commonly served alongside Ethiopian cuisine. His father, Abdea Motuma, works at a Bajaj wash. The Bajaj is a three-wheeled vehicle that is often used for cab service or deliveries in the country.

His role models are his teachers, Yosef loves math and his dream is to become a doctor. He loves to play football and feast on FirFir, a typical breakfast meal made from shredded flatbread, clarified butter, and spicy berbere.

It doesn’t take much to help a student like Yosef fulfill his dreams. Join us in making sure other children just like him have the same opportunity to change the world.