THANK YOU – 2016

Thank you for your support in 2016! We are grateful for your incredible generosity. Because of you, we have served almost 200 students and over 150 Mothers through our Seeding Education and Sowing Communityprograms in 2016.

Seeding Education program currently operates two schools in Adama, Ethiopia that serve almost 200 Students in Kindergarten and Elementary School. In addition to free, high quality education, our students receive all the support they need such as school meals, school supplies, books, uniforms and healthcare. Because of the quality services we provide, we continue to be rated amongst the top Ten Schools in Adama, Ethiopia.

Our Sowing Community program works to increase the household income and improve the quality of life of the families we work with. Today, over 150 women benefit from this program. They receive health education courses, adult literacy classes, financial literacy and entrepreneurship courses. As a newly registered Micro Finance Institution we are able to provide micro loans for the women in this program. So far the success of this program has been incredible with over 98% repayment rate. Furthermore, families report an average of 56% increase in household income within a year after taking a loan.

The mission of Seeds of Africa Foundation is to stimulate Africa’s economic and cultural development by educating, motivating and cultivating children and their families in communities such as Adama, Ethiopia.

With your support, we will continue fighting the root causes of poverty; lack of access to education and lack of access to economic opportunities. If you are interested to giving to Seeds for your Year-End gift, you can click HERE. 

With Love,


Atti Worku

Founder and Executive Director