In honor of my own mom, I want to share a personal story with each of you on this special day.
Growing up, my mother was always my biggest advocate, pushing me to be my very best and sacrificing herself so that I could have the opportunities she didn’t. Through her love, hard work and support, she raised me to go after whatever I wanted in life and reach my fullest potential.

Everyday I see that same love in the mothers we work with through our Sowing Community program. By starting and growing businesses to support their families, these mothers can send her child to school knowing that they can feed them a healthy meal when they get home.

Every mother we work with wants a better life for her children and herself, as my mother did, as every mother does, regardless of where she’s from. By sowing a seed today, you are impacting, not only a mother’s life, but also that of a child.

As my mother believed, it’s never too late to be great, to get educated and to change your life.

As we come the final days of our amazing #BelieveInHer campaign, we ask you to help us reach our goal and support a mother in our program. We only have $2,000 left to go with a matching gift of $1,000! We can do this! Thank you all for your support!


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