We want to introduce you to one of our start students, Elnatan.

He is 10 years old, the middle child of three boys, and is advancing to 4th grade when school starts next month. Whenever we have entertainment programs at Seeds, we can always count on Elnatan to deliver the zena (newscast) with a comedic twist. Elnatan writes all of the content himself (think Saturday Night Live) and enjoys poking fun at situations in order to make his fellow students laugh. His secret is to think about what he personally finds funny and jot down his ideas as they arise. Elnatan has gained a lot of confidence by reporting in front of the entire school and hopes that other students will be similarly encouraged to share their talents.

While he is happy when people laugh at his jokes, Elnatan has his priorities straight: performing is fun but his main focus remains on learning.

Elnatan is one of Seed’s many students that have the opportunity to go to school and learn by creative thinking and problem solving. Our students become leaders through their curriculum and experiences at Seeds. Please donate to our campaign below to help us raise funds to keep students like Elnatan in school and providing the best education possible.