Are you interested in teaching? Are you fluent in English? Are you looking for the opportunity of a lifetime? Seeds of Africa is searching for Ethiopian or Ethiopian in the Diaspora volunteers for our English immersion program in Ethiopia this summer. Anyone interested can email us at Please refer the job description below to see if you qualify.

Job Purpose: This full time staff member will be responsible for providing English immersion classes to students, grades kindergarten through 4th.

Areas of Responsibility and Key Tasks:
● Design lesson plans
● Use interactive projects to facilitate learning English as a second language
● Teach classes from kindergarten – 4th grade level
● Design and conduct exams, grading and reporting
Monitoring & Assessment
● Regularly record attendance and reports
● Submit accurate, prompt reports as requested by senior management
● Prepare and provide feedback

Other Professional Requirements
● Complete computer training course (provided for free at the TRC)
● Operate within the regulations and policies
● Understand teacher’s duties
● Establish positive working relationships with colleagues and management
● Set a good example through personal presentation and conduct
● Work to give every child the opportunity to reach their full potential

Key Competencies
● Teaching experience
● Self-motivated with high energy level
● Ability to clearly communicate – verbal and written
● Comfortable with computers (Microsoft Word, Excel, Power point)
● Experience working with children
● Ability for problem solving, decision making including organizing and planning
● Team worker who is flexible and adaptable to changing work environment
● Takes initiative to complete tasks