Happy Mother’s Day! (Matching Gift Announcement!)

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    In honor of my own mom, I want to share a personal story with each of you on this special day. Growing up, my mother was always my biggest advocate, pushing me to be my [...]


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    How amazing would it be to honor your mom this Mother's Day by giving a gift in her name and empowering a mother of one of our students? Here is how it works: Select an amount below and complete [...]

    Atti’s Update from Ethiopia

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    Dear Seeds Family,   Last month I returned to Ethiopia to see our programs in action. I visited our school, engaged with our students and met with her. We all have a her in our lives, she’s a [...]

    1st Annual Spring Dinner

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    #BelieveInHer – Live Update from Ethiopia

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    http://youtu.be/oSadF18NK0A Over the past few weeks we have been on the ground in Ethiopia and have some amazing videos to share! Hope you enjoy and join our #BelieveInHer campaign to support more women in [...]

    Fikrete’s Story

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    "Starting a business through Seeds of Africa's micro-finance program has brought a lot of positive changes for me and my whole family. I know have an attitude of “YES I CAN” in business making, female contribution in income generation and even leading the family." [...]