Seeds of Africa is in the process of acquiring land to build the Dream School. This process is still ongoing. We believe the Dream School will insure that our current students, their families, and those we intend to welcome into our programs over the years, will have the resources necessary to have access to world-class quality education and community development programs that will equip them to win their fight against poverty.

Seeds has, at its foundation, a mission to educate students who would otherwise not have access to quality education and not have a chance to fulfill their individual dreams and the hopes of their community and lives.

The Dream School will be an Ethiopian Academy that meets the highest international standards, which will prepare our students to succeed in high school, college, and beyond. It will house Seeding Education and Sowing Community programs for 600 students between Pre-K and 12th grade.

The Dream School is Seeds of Africa’s first step towards making our model replicable in other communities in Ethiopia and Africa.


As of September 2015, Seeds of Africa Foundation has been pledged 1.3 million of their 2.2 million dollar goal.


If you would like to make a pledge to this campaign for a later payment, please contact us.

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