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Atti’s Update from Ethiopia

Dear Seeds Family,   Last month I returned to Ethiopia to see our programs in action. I visited our school, engaged with our students and met with her. We all have a her in our lives, she’s a mother, an aunt, a grandmother, women who sacrifice themselves so that we can have the best and be the best! [...]

Amber Collins on Visiting the World Through Teaching

From August 10th to 18th, the Take Root Center will welcome the next Visiting the World participant, Amber Collins, a native Texan turned New Yorker. A former public relations professional and 2011 Miss New York USA, Amber decided to transition to a career that focused on children, and she earned her master’s degree in early [...]

Angie Parker

Angie Parker, professional makeup artist, and her daughter, Marley Parker, led a two week summer camp which mainly focused on arts and crafts such as painting, knitting, coal drawing, clay and creative sports.  

Peace Corps & Centre for Creative Leadership Volunteers

Peace Corps and Centre for Creative Leadership Volunteers conducted various workshops including WASH, Conflict Resolution, yoga, composting and planting, health and team building workshops.

Amber Collins

Amber Collins, an NYU graduate in Childhood and Special Education, led several projects. She brainstormed with the teaching team various teaching methods to target auditory, visual, and kinesthetic learners as well as classroom management techniques. Amber also worked with the early childhood teachers to learn about their methods for teaching phonics and teach a series [...]

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